Academic Public Administration Studies


1. Researches and Studies of Public Management (RSPM)

1.1. Public decision-making

1.2. Management of public organizations

1.3. Performance management in the public sector

1.4. Civil service and public services

1.5. Public reforms and implementing New Public Management

1.6. Systems and practices of governance

1.7. E-administration


2. Public and Nonprofit Marketing (PNM)

2.1. Marketing instruments in the public sector

2.2. Strategies and policies of public and nonprofit marketing

2.3. Public market and researches of public and nonprofit marketing

2.4. Social and internal marketing in the public sector

2.5. Behaviour of the consumer of public services and goods


3. Science of Administration and Researches of Public Law (SARPL)

3.1. Legal and operational fundamental aspects of governance and public sector management

3.2. European Administrative Space, administrative convergence and dynamics

3.3. Systemic approach of public administration and public sector

3.4. Social, political and economic determinations of public administration

3.5. Modernity and contemporary approaches of the Weberian model of public administration


4. Interdisciplinary Approaches of Public Sector Development (IAPSD)

4.1. Researches and studies of public economics

4.2. Administrative rationality, public policies and local development

4.3. Socio-performance of the public sector reforms

4.4. Systemic of European governance

4.5. Public choice, social justice and management of public policies


5. South-Eastern European Administrative Studies - ASsee Online Series

5.1. Public Administration in the Balkans

5.2. Convergence and europeanization in South-Eastern European States


6. Master and Doctoral Studies in Administrative Sciences (DMSAS)

6.1. PhD theses

6.2. Master dissertations

6.3. Papers / Scientific reports

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