Marketing through the Eye of the Law

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Marketing through the Eye of the Law

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Title: Marketing through the Eye of the Law
Author: Ristea, Ana Lucia; Stegaroiu, Ion; Croitoru, Gabriel
Abstract: During the activity of buying and using goods and services, citizens of a country, as consumers, have to beneficiate from a legal frame, in order to access the goods and services they need and want. This frame refers to consumers’ fundamental rights as it directly stem from UN Consumer bill of Rights, through the Resolution 39/248 from 1985, April. From these rights’ perspective, become visible some questions: Is ethics mandatory in marketing activity? And if it is, is it right that ethics will be imposed by the law? Although there are strong connections between ethics and law, and the law is never un-ethical, respecting the law doesn’t guarantee that you didn’t breach the moral law. The law could replace the ethics of those who don’t have one. The present article proposes to answer these questions bringing into discussion economic and ethical responsibility the producer should have – the key character which is obliged to give a great attention to consumers’ interests on the market of goods and services. Reviewing in a synthetic manner, the structure of consumers’ field and the role of the key characters in elaborating and implementing the consumers’ protection policy, the authors develop, based on Romania’s conditions, an analysis approach of the report which should exist between the marketing actions developed by a company and the ethical principles which it should respect in the spirit of the special legislation promoted.
Date: 2010-06-09

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