2. Public and Nonprofit Marketing (PNM)

Academic Public Administration Studies

2. Public and Nonprofit Marketing (PNM)


The extension and adaptation of the strategies and instruments of marketing towards the public sector represent a reality for their development in the last decades.

PNM community includes relevant papers aimed at concrete theoretic and empiric aspects of marketing in the public sector with concrete reference to public market, social and internal marketing as well as marketing of non profit organizations.

The processes of public and nonprofit marketing interfere essentially in the performance of the public sector and public organizations and they determine concrete strategies and policies aimed at improving the consumers' satisfaction and enhancing the quality standards of the public services.

The motto "satisfaction and value for citizen" becomes the finality of the marketing activities in the public sector, involving and adapting instruments and methods specific for private marketing concerning total quality, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, learning based organizations or visionary leadership.

Public marketing becomes an instrument of what we call "reinventing governance" and it leads to making operational new concepts concerning "competitive administration", "market-oriented administration" etc.

An important objective promoted by PNM community is focused on emphasizing the role of adequate strategies of public and nonprofit marketing under the conditions of the economic crises.

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