3. Science of Administration and Researches of Public Law (SARPL)

Academic Public Administration Studies

3. Science of Administration and Researches of Public Law (SARPL)


Developed in direct connection to the administrative law and generally to the public law, science of administration, with reference to public administration asserts as an autonomous science.

The objective is the study of "administrative phenomenology", exceeding the framework of legal regulations, including political, social or economic researches, without strict delimitations of the science of administration or public law from other related sciences.

SARPL includes relevant papers approaching in a theoretic and empiric manner the developing aspects of science of administration and public law, environment of public administration, legal and functional framework of public administration.

The recent developments anchored in the realities of the last decades integrate within science of administration the models of the European Administrative Space or developing processes, such as administrative convergence and/or dynamics, construction of the European administration.

The public administration asserts as "a resonance box" of society. Therefore, the systemic approaches will substantiate its connections with the social, political or economic area and will also represent fields of interest for SARPL community.

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