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Title: Citizens Goals Online
Author: Vrabie, Catalin
Abstract: Understanding citizen online goals is critical because it gets at the heart of what the public institution web site should or could “do.” The challenge for e-marketers is that for most agencies/institutions, there are likely to be multiple goals that represent the “reason why” citizen could come to the web site. For example, a national theater web site might be very effective for people who already been there, they know effective what place is the best, who are the actors, etc. However, there are likely to be many other goals that could lead people to visit the site, like receiving customer service or making a remark. If important citizen goals are not supported by the web site, the public institution is at risk of losing a significant amount time for dealing with citizens at its offices. As a result, and because the public institution feel that it should have an online presence, many web sites are created to offer a little more than online reproductions of its services. The purpose of this article is to help public institution web site developer to better understand the nature of citizen goals online so that they may be prepared to create the types of Web site experiences that provide value to their citizens.
Date: 2011

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