Social Responsibility - Value for European Administrative Space

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Social Responsibility - Value for European Administrative Space

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Title: Social Responsibility - Value for European Administrative Space
Author: Bercu, Ana-Maria; Onofrei, Mihaela
Abstract: In European modern societies, in the context of economic, social and political mutations imposed by globalization, organizations need to define new principles of good governance. Governments have assumed sole responsibility in improving the living conditions; enhance the transparency and predictability of social policy measures. This paper aims to answer some key questions about the implications of social accountability by public organizations from the European administrative space in terms of outlining a possible model of European administration. Starting from conceptual determinations of the term social responsibility, throughout the paper we argue its importance and actuality in public policy measures adopted at EU level. Appears as a necessity to outline a new principle, an element of transversal policy which has to be reconsidered in the context of cross new lines: social responsibility- sustainable development-governance. The hypotheses of the study are done by new approaches of the European Commission concerning social responsibility of organizations (2006), theoretical and methodological approaches are based on causal and empirical studies, statistical analysis. Article brings to the fore the complex issue of social responsibility of public organizations and the implications for decision making at European level.
Date: 2011

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