2.6. EGPA Permanent Study Group "Public and Nonprofit Marketing"

Academic Public Administration Studies

2.6. EGPA Permanent Study Group "Public and Nonprofit Marketing"


Context and general objective

The newly-established permanent study group „Public and Nonprofit Marketing” of EGPA will be officially inaugurated at the 33rd Annual Conference of EGPA in Bucharest.

The general aim of the EGPA Permanent Study Group on Public and Nonprofit Marketing is to encourage specific researches in this important field of the managerial and administrative sciences, to strengthen the trans-disciplinary context of the public administration studies as well as to consolidate the links between the fields of public administration, public management and economics/ public policies and public and nonprofit marketing.

The Permanent Study Group aims at providing a place for dialogue for academics, researchers and other specialists on the specific current topics of public and nonprofit marketing. Continuing this dialogue can be achieved by establishing networks, promoting joint projects as well as new research trends of the field-specific processes.

As a field of study and research with a strong applicative feature, the Permanent Study Group will provide the framework in view to outline the best practices, case studies and comparative studies.

At the same time, the Permanent Study Group can become an organizational center, important for making other existent organizational structures concerns more compatible and harmonized – networks, national and trans-national associations etc. – that aims at studying public and nonprofit marketing.

Promoting high standards for research and broad dissemination of public and nonprofit marketing researches results also represent an important objective of the study group.

Topics for questions and answers

Being the first meeting of the Permanent Study Group, we propose a broader topic, and together with the whole Group we shall define the research priorities to be approached in the next conferences.

We are inviting papers dealing with theoretical and empirical topics looking at either side of the co-evolution perspective of public and nonprofit marketing.

Topics to be addressed in papers:
- Marketing for Public Administration
- Reviving and Reinventing Public Marketing
- Marketing fits Local Development
- Public Market – homogenous or segmented?
- Social Marketing
- Marketing and Health Institutions and Social Assistance
- Transferring Public and Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices to South-Eastern Europe
- The Path to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
- Marketing in Nonprofit Organizations
- Marketing and Higher Education Institutions
- Marketing Communication Decisions– Above (advertising) and Below-the-Line (promotion, PR) in Public and Nonprofit Fields

We welcome papers which seek to build a theoretical understanding of these issues and an understanding which has potential comparative relevance across different countries.

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