Civil Service Reform in the Republic of Moldova through the Prism of European Values

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Civil Service Reform in the Republic of Moldova through the Prism of European Values

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Title: Civil Service Reform in the Republic of Moldova through the Prism of European Values
Author: Saptefrati, Tatiana
Abstract: The declaration of European integration as a national priority in Moldova involves the assumption of responsibility by society and the state. The public administration reform in this context must be an essential one, so the administration is presenting a double position - as object of Europeanization and as a promoter of Europeanization in relation to other areas of social life and the state. Efficiency and professionalism in public administration will ensure the implementation of the policies of European integration. In this regard, the public service in the Republic of Moldova is changing and is characterized by evolution and transformation. The adaptation of the legal framework for public service in accordance with the acquis communautaire is a priority in establishing a professional quality civil service in Moldova. Thus, a set of laws and regulations were developed and approved, including: Law on Civil Service and Civil Servant’s Status, Law on Transparency in Decision Making, Law on the Code of Conduct for Civil Servants, Law on Preventing and Combating Corruption, Law on Conflict of Interest, etc. In the new political and administrative conditions, the efforts are directed at changing the role and the status of the civil servant. The new values of the employees in state institutions are: political impartiality, clearly defined rules of loyalty, transparency, stability, professionalism and increased decision-making capacity. Openness and transparency are promoted and implemented in the public service. Progress is achieved in improving decision making through the application of the process of consulting draft bills and regulations with the civil society. New practices are established in the recruitment and the employment in the public service and mechanisms for training and other forms of professional development are organized. Priorities: Continue training the new legal framework based on principles of equity and merit and the successful application of existing laws to strengthen the rule of law and public service efficiency.
Date: 2011-08-06

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