4. Interdisciplinary Approaches of Public Sector Development (IAPSD)

Academic Public Administration Studies

4. Interdisciplinary Approaches of Public Sector Development (IAPSD)


Several authors recognized for their professional expertise focus on emphasizing and analyzing the managerial mechanisms and instruments specific for the public sector.

These preoccupations respond to the developments and challenges launched both by the public management reforms and major political changes characterizing the last two decades.

Old or new theories, such as those concerning public economics, theory of public organizations, analysis of public policies and generally, management of public affairs have been turned into account and assumed new topics aimed in particular at performance in the public sector, efficiency and effectiveness, methods for their assessment in the public sector, public-private partnership, management of structural funds etc

The social connotations of these topics are uncontested. The promotion of pillars such as welfare, social optimum, public choice or social justice support the economic, political or social finality of all research papers accepted in this community.

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