Proceedings"Permanent Study Group:Law and Public Administration"

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Proceedings"Permanent Study Group:Law and Public Administration"

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Title: Proceedings"Permanent Study Group:Law and Public Administration"
Author: DRAGOŞ, Dacian(ed); LAFARGE, François(ed); WILLEMSEN, Paulien(ed)
Abstract: The Law and Public Administration study group is a permanent study group of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA). It aims at fostering the study of practice and theory of law in public administration and policies. It encourages the use of “open” methods like law in context, empirical approaches and interdisciplinary research. The group thus aims at being a meeting place for scholars and practitioners from different fields: lawyers, sociologists, political scientists and economists. It welcomes studies on Law and PA at all the executive levels: local, regional, national, European and international. The Law and Public Administration study group is a unique place in European scientifically environment where law and public administration specialists from very different backgrounds (professional, academic or geographic) can meet, discuss and share their work. The group met recently in Rotterdam (2008), Valletta (2009), Toulouse (2010), Bucharest (2011) and will meet again in Bergen (2012). Scholars or practitioners from over 12 countries were present in 2011. Beyond the presentation and the discussion on members’ papers, the group is also a platform for research on law and public administration. Up to now, several participants presented research projects (among other on the topics of ombudsmen, on the effectiveness of proceedings in administrative courts and on systems of allocation of limited rights) and looked for the involvement of other interested group members. These projects lead to joint activities and, eventually, joint publications. Besides, study group members do apply regularly for research grants or visiting scholarships within the study group’s network. In 2011, the Law and Public Administration group organized in Vienna, between 9-13 February, the 4th Trans European Dialogue (TED) involving the two key professional organizations of public administration in Europe – EGPA and NISPAcee. The dialogue tackled a topic neglected for a long time: Law vs. Public Management Revisited, bringing together managers and lawyers to discuss issues of common interest. Following the conference, a selection of contributions were published in a special issue of the The NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy (Vol. IV, No. 2, Winter 2011/2012, Special Issue: Law and Public Management Revisited)At annual EGPA events, proposed, accepted and presented papers are available on the conferences’ website. As a next step in fostering the cooperation among members and opening up to other contributors, we are interested in an active policy towards publication of the papers. This will enhance the group visibility and the impact of each paper. Thus, in 2011 a selection of papers from the 2010 conference (Toulouse) was published in a special issue of the Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences This initiative continued with the current publication. The co-chairs intend a publication of the proceedings every year, so this publication will be the first in an on-going collection. The papers published here cover a large span of Law and PA subjects written by lawyers, PA specialists, and political scientists: administrative appeals (Inger- Marie Conradsen), Ombudsman institutions (Gavin Drewry), administrative silence (Polona Kovač), administrative cooperation (François Lafarge), actions for annulment (Agne Limante), informal pro-active approach model (A.-T. Marseille and K.J. de Graaf), standing requirements (Jan Robbe and Paulien A. Willemsen) and legitimate expectations (Soňa Skulová, Faisal Husseini, Marta Vrbová, Klára Prokopová). Papers benefited from comments and discussions during the group meeting as well as blind peer review before accepted for publication. They should not be published elsewhere without prior authorization from the editors. The editors would like to thank the organizers of EGPA Bucharest 2011, professor Lucica Matei and professor Ani Matei (National School of Political Studies and Public Administration) for financing and endorsing this publication. We are also grateful to Dr. Fabienne Maron, EGPA Executive Secretary, to Geert Bouckaert and Wim van de Donk, past president respectively current president of EGPA, for their continuous support for the Law and Public Administration study group.
Date: 2012-09-03

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