E-Government systems in Romania

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E-Government systems in Romania

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Title: E-Government systems in Romania
Author: Vrabie, Cătălin
Abstract: Information technologies + public services = E-Government. Using information technologies, the possibility of changing the quality of services provided by Public Administration to the citizens and social entities is growing. Reducing time to access the public resources is starting from eliminating the papers, it is know that e-documents have a better speed in the system then those in hard copy. So the E-Government applications are gaining the population trust and also those applications come with a growing efficiency for the public services, contributing major to the democratization of society as a whole. If the civil servant is not prepared to use computers in their work, than the citizens will not be able to come closer to the Public Administration. In my paper I’ll try to present the citizen interaction with Public Administration. In this moment in Romania in most cases the clients of public services must go from an office to another one, staying there long enough waiting in line to personal give to the public servant a series of documents and then he must wait another couple of days (even weeks) for another document needed for another office, were he will find another line … and … after long time of waiting, the problem is finally resolved (probably).
Description: 36. EGPA Conference – Innovation in the Public Sector, Rotterdam, Holland, September 2008
URI: http://www.apas.admpubl.snspa.ro/handle/2010/505
Date: 2008

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