E-Health Standards – Austria Case Study

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E-Health Standards – Austria Case Study

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Title: E-Health Standards – Austria Case Study
Author: Brosser, Luise; Vrabie, Cătălin
Abstract: Today information systems for digital documentation and communication are used by many actors within their area of activity. However, an integrated care requires a multi-agency standardized communication in which the individual patient plays the main part. As already made investments in ICT numerous health facilities, it is urgently necessary to make rapid appropriate requirements to ensure that longterm system interoperability is guaranteed. The e-Health strategy aims to support the accuracy of decisions on future investments in ICT. Objectives: The purpose of this article is to provide an example of an e-health system from a European country. Approach This article shows the initiative of Austria to implement e-health being consistent with initiatives undertaken at EU level - eEurope 2005, eEurope +, i2010 by adhering to the principles of interoperability, interactivity public services, trust, security, privacy Results: The implementation of e-health is primarily seen as a project for the long-term organizational development and modernization of health care. The legal, organizational, technical and content aspects of the e-health strategy provide the basics for this development. The represents, shown in the appendix e-Health strategies of countries and organizations must be coordinated with the Austria-wide strategy.
Description: 8. The International conference “The European Integration – Realities and Perspectives”, Danubius University, May 16-17, 2014; http://www.proceedings.univ-danubius.ro/index.php/eirp/article/view/1531
URI: http://www.apas.admpubl.snspa.ro/handle/2010/506
Date: 2014

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