Just do IT – Spreading the use of digital services

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Just do IT – Spreading the use of digital services

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Title: Just do IT – Spreading the use of digital services
Author: Vrabie, Cătălin
Abstract: Approximately 10 years have passed since the words such as e-government and egovernance have been introduced. Progress has increased rapidly in the fields of communication and information technology (ITC). The continued increase in its use is inevitable, and it is important to investigate its influence and problems from both practical and theoretical perspectives. The spread of the use of digital services impacts governmental activity and social structure. Voting, participation, tax, auctions, market, money, citizen, are old concepts, but now all of these have an e- as a suffix. The new era, e-era, is coming (in fact it is already here) and it’s bringing changes to everything. All we have to do is to adapt to these new ideas of communications and interaction. It is much easier to use a computer or a mobile phone to access information or for delivering it. Spreading the use of digital services is crucial for e-government implementation. Either we use this now or later, we will use it – that’s a fact, but if we don’t do it quickly we will spend more money and more energy that may be use in some other sectors that needs it. This article considers, using a documentary analysis one of the biggest challenges on spreading the use of digital services in the modern society, and this is trust (lack of it) and is trying to determinate what to do in order to increase this, especially now in a very instable period in all activity sectors.
Description: 29. EGPA Conference – The Public Service: Service Delivery in the Information Age, Malta, September 2009
URI: http://www.apas.admpubl.snspa.ro/handle/2010/510
Date: 2009

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