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Author: Vrabie, Cătălin
Abstract: This paper intends to present the importance of “electronic” in relation to Public Administration. I will present here a scheme showing the links that the citizen has with the government throughout life. Further, the scheme is completed with a table showing the electronic services (and their degree of maturity) found in Romanian institutions. Obviously, the ideal would be that the overlapping of these two categories of information is perfect. To reach, at least partially, this ideal I present five pillars that support, in theory, the concept of egovernment. I will draw a legislative framework under which we find the mentioned the concept of electronic. We will see here that legislative initiatives have emerged around the pillars mentioned in the first part. Even if today, in 2012, there are two pillars (pillar four and five) fully uncovered by legislation, there are at the experimental level several local initiatives. A better implementation of e-gov should be started close to the citizens. Obviously, the best examples must come from the top of the pyramid (Government, ministries), but people have an initial area of interaction with these smaller institutions, their representatives in the regions: prefectures, municipalities, financial departments etc. The topic is intended to evidence both the incursion into classical studies using as a foundation researches developed earlier, and the changing paradigm in the context of changing environment and analyze the influence factors.
Date: 2012

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