E-Governance as a Step of New Public Management

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E-Governance as a Step of New Public Management

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Title: E-Governance as a Step of New Public Management
Author: Tsankova, Roumiana
Abstract: In cybernetics sense the management of the administration involves the administrative-management processes planning and accounting, dissemination of administrative management information, decision making, feed back. Now days according to Lisbon contract we have to think to a new management process so called “good management”. The “good management” in Lisbon content means management with transparency and visibility, with citizens wide participation in decision making and its realisation, to move from information society to knowledge society. The e-Governance bring administrative services near to citizens and businesses, involves citizen and stakeholder to participation in planning and decisions making processes, improve mutual information communication through ICT, and enhance democratic processes at all. This means that in theoretical aspect the e-Governance is a form of the “good management”. This leads to improvement of the understanding of the e-Governance as a step of the new public management process at different levels of the information and knowledge society. At present e-Governance exists like practice examples at both the strategy and policy levels, as well as at the actual practical implementation. In this paper some suggestions for the future innovative work in the e-Governance development will be proposed. Also two directions of the e-Governance like elements of the “new management” will be presented. The first one is the improvement of the visibility of the management decision making in the public management through videoconferencing. The second is a Web based system for dissemination of good public administration practices and formation of tacit knowledge.
URI: http://www.apas.admpubl.snspa.ro/handle/2010/92
Date: 2010-05-14

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