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Submission instructions


In order to submit a paper in the APAS archive, an account must be opened using a valid e-mail address by accessing the "Register" submenu under the "My account" menu.

Once your account was confirmed by accessing the link received by email the moment you have registered and by creating a user’s profile, you can submit papers by pressing "Submissions" under the "My account" menu. Thus, the steps you must take in order to upload your paper in the APAS Archive are the following:

1. Push the "start a new submission button" located in the "Submission and workflow tasks" page.

2. Fill in the necessary fields on the "Item submission" page with details of the paper you wish to upload. Pay attention! Besides the quality of the uploaded manuscripts, the acceptance of you paper in the APAS Archive also depends on the accuracy and seriousness of the paper’s identification data.

3. After completing the submission process, the proposed paper shall enter a process of examination and approval by the editor especially assigned for the collection for which you have applied or by a general editor.

The editor keeps his/her right to modify the identification data of the introduced paper if he/she considers that these data do not have the necessary accuracy in relation to the proposed paper.

Depending on the compliance with the quality standards promoted by the APAS Archive, the proposed paper can be accepted or rejected.

If the paper is accepted, you shall receive a confirmation e-mail containing the necessary data for the identification of the page showing your paper, so that it can be used as reference.

If the paper is rejected, you shall receive a confirmation e-mail containing the reason of the rejection and adjustment/rectification recommendations for a future upload. The rejected item shall be resent in the "Submissions" page from the "My account" menu, so that the necessary rectifications can be made, after which it can be sent again for approval to the editor.

If you have any other questions you can send them by e-mail to sergiu.irimia@yahoo.com

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